Sintra & West Coast


Come and find out Sintra, a magical place known for its unique natural park and mystic atmosphere, and Cascais, an Portugal west coast.

Duration: 8h/9h by car



Lord Biron said that Sintra “is a glorious Eden”. Since the conquest of the first king of Portugal Sintra became a charming place frequented by the royalty and worldwide aristocracy. Sintra is known as well for his unique natural park and his mystic atmosphere. Come with us and discover the royal and aristocratic palaces, as Pena and Regaleira, and get to know their fantastic, mistyc and forbidden love stories. Then we go to the most western point of Europe to admire the great ocean that we call “the portuguese sea”. Then we are going to vist two other charming and exclusive places: Cascais and Estoril. They were the first beach places frequented by the last kings of Portugal. With the Second World War they were chosed by royal families, the Italian kings, and the spanish royal family, as a place of exile, and also by the spies of all over the world to discover their secrets…

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Parque e Palácio Nacional da Pena The Park and the Palácio da Pena, implanted in the hills of Sintra and fruit of the creative genius of D. Fernando II, are the maximum exponent of Romanticism of the 19th century in Portugal, with architectural references of Manueline and Moorish influence. The Palace stands on a steep rock, which is the second highest point of the Serra de Sintra.

Quinta da Regaleira The Regaleira Palace is the main building and the most common name of Quinta da Regaleira. Located on the hillside of the mountain range and very close to the historic center of Sintra, it is a 4-hectare farmhouse surrounded by luxurious gardens, lakes, caves and enigmatic buildings, all of which hide alchemical meanings.


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