Castelo, Alfama and Sé


Come visit the oldest part of the city of Lisbon.

Duration: 3h



Lisbon was born on the castle hill. Archaeological research at the site of today’s castle of S. Jorge, allows occupations from at least the sixth century BC to Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans and Muslims. During the Muslim period, the fortification was enlarged and strengthened. Conquered Lisbon by D. Afonso Henriques in 1147, the castle acquires the designation because it is known: Castle of S. Jorge. The Castle of S. Jorge was Paço Real until the construction of the Paço da Ribeira, on the initiative of D. Manuel I. Alfama, place of thermal springs of hot water, was also place of the Jewish quarter of the city. Not destroyed by the earthquake, it is considered the most authentic neighborhood in the city, where the traditions of the city persist. The Sé district, which owes its name to the existence of the city’s most important church, the Cathedral, was, since Roman times, the political, religious and commercial center of Lisbon.


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