São Pedro de Alcântara and Cardaes


Come and discover the history of these convents, their social and political intrigues, and appreciate its enormous artistic beauty.

Duration: 3h



São Pedro de Alcântara was a Franciscan monastery in the Bairro Alto district of Lisbon, founded in the late 18th century. It is a large Baroque building, with a highly decorated chapel.  Convento dos Cardaes (Cardaes Convent) is the only convent that has never closed doors, even with the extinction of the religious orders in the 19th century. Luísa Távora founded the Convent of the Cardaes in 1681 for the Barefoot Carmelites, the year in which the Foundress began to inhabit it, although the works were only completed in 1703. It obeys the architecture of the XVII century and is Adapted to the strict Carmelite Rules, which limit contact with the world. The exterior is sturdy and austere, but in the interior you can find decorative treasures, such as the Church with the altars in gilt carving, the nave covered with Dutch tiles, on a higher plane, painting attributed to António Pereira Ravasco and André Gonçalves.


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